Suzie Carr talks about the Curvy Side of Life!

Robin’s first interview of a lesbian writer is with Suzie Carr. Robin and Suzie talk about the writing life, the changes in lesbian fiction, and Suzie’s new book, The Curvy Life.

Life’s curves do not have to define us.” Suzie Carr


Suzie Carr’s New Book!

Suzie refers to her website Curves Welcome as she talks about resources for writing as the podcast begins. You can also visit her website to see a link to her podcast as well as subscribe to her blog and writing tips.

In our interview, she mentions an older item that our younger readers or listeners may not have seen before, microfiche (a sheet of microfilm containing rows of images of printed pages) and a microfiche machine.. Before there was a computer available to all of us, there was microfiche for research. We always


had to go to the library to use it as well.


Make sure that you show up every day to write. Write even if it doesn’t seem like good writing.


Suzie’s routine is to talk 1/2 an hour to read each day. Don’t be afraid to read bad books, but read good books to learn craft.

Lesbian Fiction

Karin Kallmaker inspired Suzie to write lesbian fiction (lesfic).

Golden Crown Literary Society – The GCLS was founded in February 2004 to bring authors, readers and publishers together for the betterment of lesbian literature all around. Our first annual conference was held in 2005 and has continued every year.  Since its inception the GCLS has grown tremendously, added many programs and services, and become a registered 501(c)3 corporation whose mission is education and the promotion and recognition of lesbian literature.

Books on Writing Mentioned during the podcast

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

On Writing by Stephen King

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott