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One of the things I’ve realized in reading music magazines and books is that the music world is dominated by the male voice. That is not to denigrate the good writing that is out there, but to point out why this site exists? The goal is to further diversify the voice of music writers and hopefully to give the reader and listener a broader view of music and its value in our world.

In November, we posted a review by Natasha Wall. If you missed that post I hope that you will check out her article on a review of Hip Hop. Natasha is a multi-talented artist and her article is The Hip-Hop Evolution. She is also a full-time teacher and mother, so we will hear from her more in the near future.

Introducing Beth Heinecamp

Beth Heinecamp

Ms. Heinecamp has been an avid amateur musician all her life, beginning
in childhood with clarinet and oboe but really loving the guitar, which
she began playing at age 11 (thanks to the Beatles, or more
specifically, to her brothers playing Beatles records!).   She has an AA
in Music from Milwaukee Area Technical College with a focus on jazz
guitar.  She’s played as an accompanist for singers, as well as a rhythm
guitarist in a garage band, not to mention a few solo gigs. She
volunteered as a guitar instructor with ‘Girls Rock!’, and taught guitar
part-time. She’s always loved piano, and since 2011 devotes many hours
to learning classical and jazz piano.’