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About Robin’s Radio

Music is the driving force for many of our lives. It is Robin’s hope that this drive leads to hope and goodness in life.

Robin has always been interested in sound. Not only for the sounds that music makes, but the sounds of nature, friends laughing, and the goodness of the spoken voice.

Robin’s Radio is here to capture those sounds that inspire Robin, Natasha, and Beth.  Our team also believes in the power of supporting other artists. As a result, We will be podcasting stories, music of celebrity musicians (where copyright allows), and interviews of artists. Please support those artists when possible.


Meet the Team

Robin’s Radio team is made up of listeners, artists, and musicians willing to help out. You can be a part of the team too. Just contact Robin on jrobinwhitley dot net. if you would like to add music, suggest an interview, or if you would like to be interviewed.

Beth Heinecamp is our newest reviewer. Joining us on 1/28/2019, we look forward to her reviews.

Natasha Wall is a teacher, artist, and musician from Charlotte. She is also a poet that we hope to hear from in the coming year.

Natasha Wall









Robin is a musician, artist, and writer. Birdie is Robin’s faithful dog. She is part mountain feist and part chihuahua. She makes sure there are no squirrely pages and no chipmunk recordings.

Robin - Photo by Pat Thomas

JRobin Whitley

Composer, DJ, and Musician

Robin plays guitar, mandolin, piano, and clarinet.

She knows how to use those eyes!

Birdie, Vice President. Look at that face. This face means time to get off the computer!


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Assistant DJ

Robin loves to hear different kinds of music and stories. Please share your story with Robin and be a part of the team.

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Thank you for supporting Independent Artists! Robin’s Radio is a non-profit  PayPal.Me/RobinsRadio

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