Robin’s Radio is a Home to Hear about artists who move us!

In an effort to share music, stories, and interesting podcasts, we created Robin’s Radio. This is a site dedicated to reviews of art, music, writing, and artists’ podcasts. If you would like to participate, please contact Robin at robin at

We now have two different reviewers joining the team. Our goal is to have a wider variety of writers as well as learning about different points of view in how the arts influence and create beauty for our world. This will be a home space where we can discuss music and art with the intention of developing conversation skills based on respect and kindness.

Another goal of Robin’s Radio is to share and learn about local and independent artists who may not have a wide view of listeners due to locality. Living in the mountains of Western North Carolina, music abounds at professional level playing, but you won’t hear many of these artists on the radio. We are hoping to let you hear them here. Let’s make this a home for artists that move us whether they are famous or just a neighbor.



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