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Introducing Hannah K. Wall

by J. Robin Whitley November 21, 2018

Working in music all of my life, it’s only natural that I’m going to connect with other musicians and lovers of music. Though the possibility of making a living as a professional musician is competitive, there is also a camaraderie among most musicians. In forty years of playing, singing, looking for gigs, I’ve seen both sides of the coin. On one side, there are the ego-driven artists who are not willing to share the spotlight with anyone. Fortunately, they are the minority. Most musicians are pulling for their friends to find the gigs or jobs they want and need for a fulfiling life. It is through mutual friends that I had the honour of meeting Hannah.

When we first met, it was a simple introduction. Her mother, Natasha Wall, is a writer and they both came to the reading of my first novel. Hannah’s mother and I grew up in the same county (Stanly) without knowing each other. It was a blessing and quite fortuitous that we met through a mutual friend in Sylva, NC. In addition to appreciating Natasha’s sharing her experiences of growing up in Stanly County (that were different than mine), she has great taste in music. I was pleased to read her review a hip-hop program on Netflix; even more pleased when she allowed me to post her review on this website. As our friendship has grown, I have enjoyed reading not only of Natasha’s talent but also learning of her daughter’s, Hannah K. Wall.

Hannah studied in Charlotte at the Northwest School of the Arts. She now attends Western Carolina University (WCU) in Cullowhee, NC as a Musical Theater Major. It thrilled me to watch the joy of a young actress growing in her art and being given opportunities unavailable when her mother and I were younger. This week I finally got to hear her sing and let me tell you, you want to hear her too. With the soul and rich voice of a young Nina Simone, Hannah covers a jazz classic. Accompanied by Marc Hoffman on piano and Gabe Schuhl on saxophone, Hannah sings the piece with sensitivity, sensuality, and maturity.

Enjoy this recording* of Hannah singing “Save Your Love for Me” originally performed by Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley.

“You can have fun with the crowd
But for crying out loud
Darling please save your love for me”

Natasha shares with us a clip of Hannah as Levora Verona in Seth Rudetsky’s “Disaster”. She did this over the summer with a stellar cast at Theatre Charlotte. It was directed by Ron Law.
We hope that after you hear her sing and see her act, you will take time to vote for Hannah-Kathryn Wall as Best Actress in a Musical (local) The link is www.broadwayworld.com/charlotte.**


My hope is that I will be able to interview this fabulous new artist for a podcast while she’s on break next month. Until then, I hope you enjoy her music and performances. You can find her on Facebook as Hannah Kathryn HK Wall if you want to follow her career as it grows or if you want to give her a shout out for all that talent. She’s also on Instagram. It’s our hope that as we add the young artists you will find way to help them get the word out about their art. While there are professionals who do such work, our community of friends and colleagues is an important asset to giving young talent the courage and feedback to grow and become the best artist possible.
“He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that’s what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”
― Hannah Harrington, Saving June


Hannah-Kathryn “HK” Wall is a young entertainer specializing in voice, acting, and dance.

Gabe Schul is only 14-15 years old and is involved with the Jazz circuit of Charlotte, NC.

*Many thanks to Mae Teal who recorded this video and gave us permission to post here for your listening pleasure. Recorded in Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC. August 2018.

**Please fill out every part and even complete the name section, email.  The vote only counts if you receive a confirmation email.

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  1. Being from Badin in Stanly County, I read this blog with my chest sticking out. I am so very proud of Hannah. She is such a talented and humble young lady with a great future ahead of her.

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