Guitarist and Blacksmith – David Brewin

David Brewin is a guitarist and blacksmith. I first met David at St. David’s Episcopal and he was deep into his blacksmith work. I knew he played with Chad Hallyburton (the jazzman of Sylva), but had not had the opportunity to play with him. I had heard him play however at one of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the church and knew he was an accomplished player. It was my blessing to have the opportunity to play with him for the past two years.

David studied at North Carolina School of the Arts for a period of time and then went to East Carolina University. He worked as a school counselor for many years before moving to Western North Carolina to study to be a blacksmith. David continues to use his skill as a counselor by working with Hospice in Sylva, NC.

One of the things I love about rehearsing with David is that in addition to being exposed to his mastery of the guitar, David is a master storyteller. In the past, he’s spoken of his love of the Jack Tales. My favorites, however, are the David Tales. His stories are often funny, then serious, but always full of depth. Hope you will enjoy hearing David talk a little bit about music and blacksmithing.


I sing behind the plow.



Outline of David’s Talk 

John C. Campbell Folk School

Jim Kroeplin- Blacksmith

George Kelischek – Recorder

Penland School of Crafts

Renaissance Music

The Mountain Collegium is now sponsored by Western Carolina (WCU) instead of Young Harris College

Mountain Heritage Center

Swannanoa Gathering

If you have any questions or would like to contract blacksmith work, please contact David on his facebook page David Brewin


Songs played after the interview:

The Ash Grove
Draper’s Maggot – (below is the dance)
Joy After Sorrow
Praetorious Ballet
George Brabazon